In a world of hustle, bustle and uncertainty, Belize stands far apart by offering surreal calmness spiced with natural beauty and endless adventure.

This blog was created to provide a forum to share the special insights we’ve accumulated having traveled frequently to Belize. It is our goal that people around the world will use it to get first-hand perspective to help enhance their visit and enjoy solid information as they seek to establish a better life in Belize. Many of us have traveled far and wide to places labeled “paradise,” but in our travels, consisting mostly of beautiful places in the Caribbean and Latin and Central America, we have discovered few countries as special as Belize. The fact that the Guatemalans or Hondurans didn’t insist on keeping this slice of Central America for themselves while they had the chance is a testament to the will of the people of this tiny nation now called Belize.

As in all countries of the world, especially those in the Caribbean or Central America, there is the good, the great and the bad and the ugly. But, by acting as eyes-on-the-ground resource we hope to give people a chance to enjoy the best Belize offers—a carefree existence of endless adventures. We sell real estate to pay the bills, but hope to make your visit to Belize as near-perfect as possible. Come join us.

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