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Stunning reefs protect the Belize Shorline

Stunning reefs protect the Belize Shorline

I came across a magazine called Luxury Living International yesterday that has just launched an online version and we found an entertaining article on Belize. Called a “webzine”, apparently this one was originally a paper magazine. After spending some time on their sites, some unbelievable homes in the Belize real estate section as well as other places in the Caribbean, etc., I thought I’d post it. As I looked around the pages of Luxury Living International, I found it interesting that here is a magazine done with an emphasis and focus on Belize, Costa Rica, the rest of Central America and the Caribbean in both real estate and as they say “living the good life in paradise”. So, unlike most that I’ve come across, this site gives a pretty good perspective on this growing tropical region.

One thing I agree with in the story is…well…my quote!

“Placencia is the hottest Belize real estate market on mainland Belize,” says Bill Shea, with Three Palms/Coldwell Banker in Placencia. “Although the market here cooled along with everything else in the Caribbean, in the past three months we are getting traction again. The new airport coming in is one key, the charm and the best beach in Belize doesn’t hurt either.”

Yes, its true. Yours truly is now famous! Here is a link to Luxury Living International – – enjoy!

It’s a fact—Belize does not have a bunch of big-name hotel or resort flags flying around, yet. As a matter of fact it has none…the Radisson in Belize City doesn’t count.  But there are some very cool places to stay in Belize as long as you don’t mind not being in a 300-room Marriott! There is a great mix of nice lower-budget places to stay, but the properties below represent the best Belize has to offer. The funny thing is that as I put this list together with the help of my friends—and to make sure we got what we considered the best in Belize—you realized there is such variety here, even in a relatively short list. All of these represent some prime real estate many with great spas and food. Without further ado (and in no particular order), here are the finest resorts and hotels offered in this Caribbean jewel known as Belize: continue reading…

(PLACENCIA, Belize) – As Belize becomes one of the biggest boom areas of the Caribbean, affluent visitors—and more and more celebrities—soon find themselves switching from the adventures of island-hopping to the pastime of island-shopping.

Whether fly fishing, diving or sailing, wealthy visitors soon hear that private islands and prime properties can be purchased in Belize from original owners for a fraction of what waterfront costs back in the U.S. and elsewhere in the Caribbean.

While the Bahamas has been a draw for the trendy island homes of many celebs in recent decades, Belize is quickly moving into the mix for its more consistent climate, warmer water and weather, affordability, incredible barrier reef and proximity to that which the Bahamas will never have: an astonishingly bio-diverse mainland replete with stunning waterfalls, ancient ruins, jaguar jungles, mountains and rushing whitewater rivers. Not to mention super-friendly tax laws and the fact that Belize is an English-speaking member of the British Commonwealth.

Most people coming to Belize for the first time never get off Ambergris Caye. North Americans who have been here many times have discovered that the most beautiful and best places to live are on the mainland. It’s a more relaxed, non-touristy atmosphere and allows you some breathing room, yet still has great beaches and is minutes from the beautiful Mayan Mountain range.

Belize is also blessed with true tropical weather. It’s far enough south that visitors are never subjected to the chilly waters and wish-I’d-brought-a-sweater days that are the Bahamian winters. High-profile celebs who favor fly fishing and diving invariably come to Belize at some point. That’s nothing new, what with vacationers like the actress Charlize Theron, who swam in Belizean waterfalls in 2007. But while celebrity visits to Belize are practically de rigueur, more of them seem interested in getting a piece of this paradise for themselves. continue reading…

Sitting at the end of the road (where the peninsula ends) Placencia, Belize is one of my favorite spots in this tiny jewel of a country, the others being some select Cayes and the Mayan Mountains. Not only does Placencia have that small village charm but also plays host to the prettiest water and finest beach on the mainland. Clear water and white sand which is a luxury on the mainland. And, if you get hungry after a day of sailing, fly-fishing or diving Placencia has some great food – if you know where to look.

Sure, the food is good at Coppola’s famous Turtle Inn and its neighboring resort Chabli Mar Villas, which has great food, too, but only serves their guests. But, after eating everywhere in town, I suggest you visit the following hidden gems. I am not recommending these in any particular order because they all serve great food and are enjoyable for various reasons.  I would recommend these to any good friend or visitor. continue reading…